Christian Learning Material Resource Centre offers the convenience of online shopping through our webstore. We serve the Christian community by marketing quality educational and inspirational resources. We think life’s most important things are found in families and the Christian community. Therefore, we are committed to support the church in Africa through provision of relevant resources for nurturing generations for Christ.

Nurturing these areas by offering some of the finest resources available.

  • Home: Resources for nurturing creative, generous, hardworking, fully-alive, joyful, compassionate children
  • School: Resources for cultivating thinking, God-conscious, wise, articulate (in speaking and writing), inspired students
  • Church: Resources for equipping Christ-centered, peace-loving, truth-living, winsome, confident, skilled, scripture-formed, spirit-filled servants
  • Our focus is on offering what is worthwhile and lasting, not merely what is popular. We’ve selected some of the best books in the areas of children’s literature, biography, history, theology,

Ideas & Inspiration